MacBook Pro 2016 Update: New MacBook Pro Will Support USB Super Speed Plus

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MacBook Pro 2016

macOS Sierra has once again revealed another possible feature for the MacBook Pro 2016. This time, it seems that the much awaited laptop from Apple will be supporting USB Super Speed Plus.

The said feature is the second generation protocol for USB 3, aptly called USB 3.1. This will enable users to perform data transfers at speeds of 10 Gbps, which is twice the speed of the current generation USB 3.

The last time macOS Sierra revealed a feature for the upcoming laptop was last week where it has shown support for OLED Touch Bar and TouchID. These features were discovered from the developer?s beta release of the same operating system.

The OLED Touch Bar shall be replacing the existing function keys above the MacBook Pro?s keyboard. This will feature shortcuts for most commonly used functions such as keyboard and display backlight intensity as well as multimedia buttons. Users will also be able to customize the OLED Touch Bar based on their liking. The OLED Touch Bar will also house the TouchID sensor for the MacBook Pro. This sensor will work in conjunction to the ?Auto Unlock? function within macOS Sierra.


macOS Sierra Settings (via

The Auto Unlock function uses the Apple Watch to unlock the laptop without entering the user?s password. This and the TouchID are meant to introduce a whole new level of security for the laptop.

MacBook Pro?s support for the new USB 3.1 standard will introduce a plethora of possibilities for the laptop. Some of which is the ease of connecting a 4K display and of course, faster data transfer between the laptop and an external storage. Although users might have to wait for new and faster external storage to be released.

Apart from the OLED Touch Bar, TouchID, and USB 3.1, next year?s MacBook Pro will also be thinner than ever as well as sport a much wider touch pad. It will also support AMD Polaris graphics cards for the higher end models.

The new MacBook Pro 2016 is rumored to be released some time after September.

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