MacBook Pro 2016 vs Xiaomi Mi Notebook: Which Is A Better Laptop?

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MacBook Pro 2016

There have been many excellent laptops which have released over the last year. Still, there are many gadgets which many tech junkies are still looking forward to. Among these are the MacBook Pro 2016 and the Xiaomi Mi Notebook.

These two laptops have been the subject of many rumors and have gotten many tech enthusiasts really excited. Even if the two devices have not yet launched, it is certainly not too early to start the debate as to which one is the better laptop.

MacBook Pro 2016

The MacBook Pro 2016 has been one device which many computer fans have been excited about. Still, Apple has not really given any update about the upcoming laptop. Thankfully, there have been many leaks which gives consumers an idea about what to expect in the upcoming device.

The next generation MacBook Pro is expected to be the thinnest version of the product line ever. With Apple focusing on making the MacBook Pro 2016 even thinner and lighter than the MacBook Air, rumors have surfaced that the company is thinking about discontinuing the latter.

In terms of the specs, the MacBook Pro 2016 is expected to be powered by Intel?s latest Kaby Lake processor, as reported by MacWorld UK. It is also likely going to sport AMD and NVIDIA?s latest GPU?s. Of course it will also have improved RAM and internal storage as compared to its predecessor.

Another exciting feature for the MacBook Pro 2016 is the rumored OLED Touch Panel. This was revealed in a leaked picture of the body of the upcoming laptop. This new addition will certainly make Apple fans even more excited for the MacBook Pro 2016.

Xiaomi Mi Notebook

Xiaomi Mi Notebook

While Xiaomi has mainly focused on creating handheld gadgets, the long rumored Xiaomi Mi Notebook is their first venture in the laptop market. The Mi Notebook is expected to be packed with some amazing features that will surely make it one of the more popular notebooks in the market.

TechnoBuffalo reports that there will be two variants of the Mi Notebook. There will be a Pro model that will feature an Intel Core i7 processor, 16GB of RAM, 512GB of internal storage and an NVIDIA GTX 970 GPU. The standard version will be powered by a Core i5 processor, 8GB of RAM as well as 256GB of internal storage.

These two notebooks are certainly very appealing and will likely draw a lot of debate once they release. Which laptop would you choose? Be sure to let us know in the comments section below.

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