MacBook Pro 2016 Update: Thinner And Smaller Footprint Plus More

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After yesterday?s report about the iPhone 7, Bloomberg has come out again with a report about the much anticipated MacBook Pro 2016. What they have basically done is confirm much of the rumored specs that consumers might already have read about.

According to Bloomberg, the new MacBook Pro 2016 will be thinner than its predecessor. Although it will not follow the same design of the MacBook and MacBook Air. It will retain much of its original shape. Albeit this time, it will be thinner and will have a smaller footprint.

They also confirmed the existence of the OLED Touch Bar. For those who are new to this news, the OLED Touch Bar is a strip of touch sensitive OLED display above the keyboard. It will replace the function keys present in current MacBooks. The OLED Touch Bar will also house the TouchID sensor.

Another spec that the report confirmed is the end of MagSafe. Apple will be integrating USB Type-C ports for the MacBook Pro, which are the same ports they used for the MacBook. This type of USB can handle charging as well as high-speed data transfer.

MacBook Pro 2016

MacBook Pro

Along with a thinner profile, the new MacBook Pro 2016 will also feature a much wider track pad.

Even though Bloomberg re-affirmed some of the specs that people already know, they also let out some new things that are quite surprising.

Firstly, they claimed that Apple will be offering a MacBook Pro version equipped with an AMD Polaris graphics processor. Apple has been known to use NVIDIA GPUs for their MacBook Pro line in the past. According to the report, the tech company chose the Polaris due to its power efficiency and thinness. They managed to make the new graphics processor 20 percent thinner than its predecessor.

Lastly, Apple will be offering the MacBook Pro 2016 in different colors. On its release, fans may be looking at gray and gold colors in addition to the default silver chassis.

The only thing that the report did not clarify is to when the purported launch will be. Although they did hint that the iPhone 7 will be released in September 7 – what a coincidence.

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