MacBook Pro 2016 Update: OLED Bar Confirmed, TouchID Too And More

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MacBook Pro 2016

Rumors about the impending MacBook Pro 2016 update have been circulating on the internet for quite a while now. With each passing day, people are seeing new things cropping up left, right and center.

Last May, analysts from KGI reported that the new MacBook Pro 2016 will include an OLED ?touch bar? to replace the existing row of function keys. KGI also stated that the the next-generation MacBook Pro will have TouchID. Although they did not clarify as to how the TouchID will be integrated. However, a new report says that it will be part of the OLED bar.

The new TouchID feature will be an added security feature for the MacBook Pro. This will allow user to unlock the laptop by means of the user?s finger. The finger-print scanning function is also meant to compliment the macOS Sierra?s Auto Unlock feature. The user unlocks the MacBook Pro with the Apple Watch.

Another leak showed that the next-generation MacBook Pro will have not one, but four USB-C ports. Also in this leaked photo, it is quite clear that Apple has decided to ditch the MagSafe and the SDCard slot. Also, the chassis looks a lot thinner than the existing model.

MacBook Pro 2016 OLED Touch Bar

OLED Touchbar

The rumors about the TouchID and OLED bar were further fortified last June when Apple released the developer API reference for the up and coming macOS Sierra. In this API reference, Apple has added certain keywords pertaining to biometrics and LED operation.

For instance, for the IOKit Objective-C definitions:

Added #def kIOHIDBiometricDoubleTapTimeoutKey

Added #def kIOHIDBiometricTapTrackingEnabledKey

Added #def kIOHIDBiometricTripleTapTimeoutKey

These definitions could very well pertain to the TouchID.

In addition to this, Apple seemingly defined another keyword for the do not disturb function.

Added #def kHIDUsage_LED_DoNotDisturb = 0x08

Normally, the do not disturb function is located in the notifications area. With the MacBook Pro 2016, it looks as though it will be available to the OLED bar.

Apart from these upgrades, Apple is also rumored to support ?USB Super Speed +? which is basically USB 3.1.

With the iPhone 7 reported to release this September, on top of the Apple Watch, it is highly unlikely that Apple will announce the MacBook Pro as well. However, fourth quarter of 2016 sounds reasonable enough.

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