MacBook Pro 2016 Update: No More Kaby Lake As Apple Will Fuse Its Own Processor In New Laptop?

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MacBook Pro 2016
MacBook Pro 2016 Specs and release date

Apple has released the new iPhone 7 and Apple Watch during the launch event on September 7. MacBook fans were expecting the tech giant will reveal the MacBook Pro 2016. However, the company did not announce the device. Here are the details about the specs and expected release date.

Since, Intel has revealed that it has dispatched the Kaby Lake processor to its manufacturing partners, it was speculated that the new laptop will be powered by 7th generation processor. However, fresh reports claim that Kaby Lake will not be included in MacBook Pro 2016.

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MacBook Pro 2016

MacBook Pro

It is reported that the Apple A10 processor is powerful enough to manage the workload of a laptop. It is possible that the company could upgrade the A chipsets to use them in MacBook. On the other hand, the tech giant could make iOS the universal platform for its mobile and laptops, reported The Verge.

The Verge contributor, Vlad Savov wrote, ?Apple is teasing us with the question of why not inject the A10 (or its successors) into actual laptops? Why shouldn?t the next MacBook run on the same chip as the current iPhone??

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However, there is no solid report that the company is actually working towards the usage of ARM chips in its laptops. Even the company has no plans for ARM processor in MacBook Pro 2016, the device will not be powered by Kaby Lake chipset. The device will have same Skylake processor.

Meanwhile, there is a lot of rumors around the MacBook Pro 2016. The most interesting feature expected in the next-gen laptop is OLED touch bar with integrated fingerprint reader. It is reported that Apple could replace the physical function with this so-called OLED touch bar.

OLED Touchbar

OLED Touchbar

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Moreover, macOS ?Sierra? will let the users to unlock the device automatically with Apple Watch. The new device will recognise its user with a paired wearable. The device will unlock when a paired Apple Watch will be in a required range.

Moreover, the device may have 5K display with integrated GPU. Rumour has it that Apple could ditch 3.5mm earphone jack in MacBook Pro 2016, just like it did in iPhone 7.

Apple could release the new MacBook by the end of 2016. However, the company is yet to reveal anything about MacBook Pro 2016. TheBitBag team will update the information as soon as more details about the device emerge.

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