MacBook Pro 2016 Update: Rumored MacBook Pro 2016 Still To Support Skylake

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Macbook Pro 2016
Macbook Pro 2016

Intel has showcased their 7th generation processor, the Kaby Lake, in today?s Intel Developer Forum held in San Francisco. In the said event, Intel announced that it has already started shipping the processor to its manufacturing partners. Unfortunately, as we know, Intel will not be releasing the high performance versions of their processors until much later. This would mean that the rumored MacBook Pro 2016 will still be running on Intel?s Skylake processors.

According to Intel, the new Kaby Lake processor will boast 4K video playback as well as a myriad of other features. The Kaby Lake will also have native support for USB 3.1 including Thunderbolt 3 and DisplayPort 1.2.

Like in the past, Intel would often release its low-powered processors like the Y- and U-series, before they start shipping the high-performance versions. According to Intel?s roadmap, series H for laptops and series S for desktops will be released between the end of 2016 and beginning of 2017. This would mean that if Apple will be releasing the new?MacBook Pro 2016?right after the iPhone 7, it will still be equipped with current Skylake processors. Consumers expecting to get their hands on the new MacBook Pro this year would have to wait a bit longer to get their better end of the bargain.?

Last week, Bloomberg made public that Apple will be giving the new MacBook Pro 2016 a good overhaul. Among the rumored updates will be the?OLED Touch Bar, TouchID, and USB Type-C ports. Although this hype would be more than enough to entice a would-be buyer, it would still be wise to wait for the Kaby Lake versions.?

MacBook Pro Render

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The news agency also mentioned that Apple is not likely to release the new laptop with the?iPhone 7.

Also in this year?s Intel Developer Forum, CEO Brian Krzanich unveiled new projects such as Euclid, Joule, and Alloy. Project Alloy is Intel?s version of open source VR headset. It features ?merged reality? where physical object can be integrated into the virtual world.

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