MacBook Pro 2016 Rumors: Next Apple Laptop Can Run For Days Without Charging? New Patent Points To Feature, Release Date This Wednesday?

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MacBook Pro 2016
MacBook Pro 2016

As the big Apple Event in San Francisco nears this September 9, thousands of fans are excited to get announcements on new versions of their favorite products. Numerous people have already speculated on what could be released, however, barely anyone is talking about a new MacBook Pro 2016 and this may be Apple?s surprise announcement for the event.

New MacBook Can Run Without Days Of Charging?

According to CNET, there?s a big chance that the next MacBook Pro can run even without days of charging. The article shared that the tech giant filed a patent application, which was published by the US Patent and Trademark Office recently for a “Fuel Cell System to Power a Portable Computing Device.” Simply put, this would be an internal power system that could run a laptop for “days or even weeks without refueling,” according to the application.

In the patent application, which was first reported by 9to5Mac, Apple describes a way for fuel cell power sources to be designed into electronics without adding a lot of extra weight. Fuel cells tend to be compelling because of their ability to pack a lot of energy into a relatively small package, compared to a battery.

MacBook Pro Release Date

According to Yibada, the MacBook Pro 2016 release date will be set this September 9 ? but we?re pretty sure it?s not the laptop with the super battery pack. They claimed however that the numerous discounted products online actually points to an announcement of a new iteration. ?Various models of MacBook Air and this year?s Apple MacBook received discounts, which hinted that a revamped on the line is coming soon,? the report said.

Meanwhile, Latinopost reported that the new MacBook Pro will be released in early 2016 ?to adjust to the availability of Intel?s high-end processors that are compatible with the Cupertino-based company?s laptop series?.


Yiba reported that the MacBook 2016 will only boast a bigger RAM and have the same specs as the 2015 version. However, Australianetworknews?news reported?that the new Apple laptop will be packaged for gamers as it will include the new Nvidia GeForce GTX950 with 2GB RAM. They also said that it will be powered by the new OX X El Capitan and will be powered by the Intel Skylake-U chipset.

If the rumors are true that Apple will only be including a bigger RAM, the company might be playing it safe. Having an Apple laptop with great gaming capabilities however will surely make numerous gamers jump on-board the Apple bandwagon as the MacBook doesn?t have enough strength to play graphically intensive games.

Other Apple Event Products Rumored

Here are all the other rumored Apple products that will be announced at the event according to Forbes:

  • iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus
  • Updated Apple TV
  • 9-inch iPAD
  • iPad Mini 4
  • Apple Watch with new bands and colors

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