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MacBook Pro 2016 Release Not Later Than June?

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Apple made an excellent run with their latest MacBook Pro. With its updates already a year overdue, and 2016 brewing more competition in portable computers, it might already be time for Apple to take another leap and reveal their MacBook Pro 2016. Insane as it sounds, Apple might be looking at a release of their new MacBook Pro not later than June.

The latest MacBook Pro had its share of improvements with the latest 13-inch having the Broadwell Intel Processor and the 15-inch with the Haswell Intel Processor. But according to Mac World, it might be time for Apple to update their line of MacBook Pro models and move to the better Skylake processor.

The upgrade might not be as early as hoped, but Mac World explained that Apple might be planning on updating the models as early as June, possibly during Apple?s Worldwide Developers Conference in June.

Apple shouldn?t be blamed for the lack of upgrades but most of the fault, reported by Mac World, should go to Intel for having a ?lax at updating its chips in 2015.? MacBook Pro should have a big boost in performance once Skylake comes into the picture. ?In addition, new wireless technology in Skylake will replace display, charging and data transfer cable,? Mac World shared and pointed to an even faster MacBook Pro.

According to Christian Today, other features that might be included in the new MacBook Pro is the Force Touch trackpad, fingerprint scanning, better graphics and a better battery feature. Apple is also reported to improve flash storage and higher RAM. And if all these features will be included in the next MacBook Pro, the laptops may range from $1,299 to $1,799. Unfortunately, we still need to wait for announcements from Apple when the exact release date of the next MacBook Pro will be.

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