MacBook Pro 2016 Release Soon, But Depends on Intel Kaby Lake

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MacBook Pro 2016

The MacBook Pro 2016 release has been much awaited by many tech fans. So far though, not a lot of details have been revealed by Apple about the device which has certainly frustrated many consumers. Thankfully, there have been several leaks about the MacBook Pro 2016 that have given fans an idea about what to expect about the device. The most recent rumor is that the MacBook Pro 2016 could be releasing soon but it would reportedly depend on when the new Intel processors will come out.

Many people have been waiting for the release of the MacBook Pro 2016 as early as the first quarter of this year. Unfortunately, until now there have been no news coming from Apple as to why there has been a long delay for the device. Some have been speculating that it could be because Apple is carefully thinking about killing off the MacBook Air product line. But a recent report stated that it could be due to the processors that the company wants to use on the computer.

According to Headline & Global News, the MacBook Pro 2016 may have been delayed because Apple is waiting on the new Intel Kaby Lake processors which are releasing soon. At the moment, the latest Apple MacBook sports the Intel Skylake processors but Intel is rumored to be releasing the new Kaby Lake processors later this year.

With this news, it appears that the wait for the MacBook Pro 2016 release will not be for long now. Although there have been no details as to when Intel is going to release the Kaby Lake processors, there have been rumors that it will be coming this November.

MacBook Pro 2016

A late November or early December release for the MacBook Pro 2016 would be great news for tech junkies who have been waiting for the device. It would also be the perfect time for Apple to launch the new laptop given that the Christmas season will sure bring an increased demand for the next generation MacBook Pro.

Be sure to check back here soon to find out more news and updates on the MacBook Pro 2016 as well as other excellent Apple products releasing soon.

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