MacBook Pro 2016 Release in September Alongside iPhone 7?

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MacBook Pro 2016 Release

The MacBook Pro 2016 release has long been the subject of rumors. Until now, it has not yet happened. Apple has been very quiet about the release of the next generation MacBook Pro, and it has made many consumers very anxious. Luckily, there are many leakers who have given bits and pieces of information about the MacBook Pro 2016 and when it will likely release. If the latest rumors are true, it may not be too long now before the device will officially launch.

In the past, Apple has used the month of September as the time they will release some of their biggest products. Its previous iPhones have usually been launched in September. It is the same trend expected for this year?s iPhone 7. It appears though that the iPhone will not be the only Apple device launching as there is a possibility that the MacBook pro 2016 will, likewise, be releasing next month.

According to MacWorld UK, the next big Apple event is the launch of the iPhone 7, which will be sometime next month. This may be the time when Apple surprises everyone by suddenly dropping the MacBook Pro 2016. The next generation MacBook Pro was expected to become available during the March Apple media event but it did not turn out to be the case. Now, the launch of the Apple iPhone 7 may be the next best opportunity for the Cupertino-based tech giant to launch their MacBook Pro.

The upcoming computer is expected to become one of the best laptops in the market, with some amazing specs already rumored for the device. It is said to come with a new OLED touch bar at the top of the keyboard, which is surely something new that MacBook Pro users will enjoy. It is also expected to come with the latest Intel processors and a high-end NVIDIA or AMD GPU.

MacBook Pro 2016

On the design front, it is rumored to become the thinnest MacBook Pro ever. There is even news that the new MacBook Pro could mean the extinction of the MacBook Air given how thin the former is compared to the latter. All of these rumors are still unconfirmed though so be sure to watch out for an official update from Apple in the weeks leading to the MacBook Pro 2016 release.

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