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MacBook Pro 2016 Release Postponed; Laptop To Get Updates Similar To iPhone 7?

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MacBook Pro 2016

The official release date of the 2016 MacBook Pro has not yet been announced, but reports have stated that the delay is due to updates that iPhone 7 will also be getting.

According to a report from Yibada, Apple is phasing out the 3.5mm audio jack for the iPhone 7. The highly anticipated smartphone, which is rumored to be released this September alongside the Apple Watch 2, will reportedly no longer carry wired audio functionalities.

Other upcoming products of the Cupertino-based tech giant will also reportedly do away with this old feature as the company is keen on ditching aging wired audio technology. This has led some to conclude that the MacBook Pro 2016 was probably reworked to no longer include the audio jack too, hence the delay in the laptop?s release.

BGR reported that Apple has been criticized for deciding to kill the 3.5mm headphone jack in the past months. This is mostly because many customers still own wired headphones.

Aside from the removal of the headphone jack for MacBook Pro 2016 and iPhone 7, Mac Rumors reported that the latter will not feature major design changes. However, Wall Street Journal explained that the elimination of the headphone jack in iPhone 7 will supposedly make it 1mm thinner than the current iPhone 6s. Its water resistance capabilities will also supposedly have significant improvements.

This means that, just like the iPhone 7, the MacBook Pro 2016 will also be thinner and more water resistant if it would also no longer have the old audio jacks.

Still, many are hoping that the MacBook Pro 2016 would be released sooner. Rumors of an approaching launch date began circulating earlier this week after Apple reportedly began pulling out its non-Retina MacBook Pro in stores. This move could mean that the company is making way for MacBook Pro 2016?s unveiling.

Aside from probably no longer having the traditional audio jack, this much-awaited laptop will reportedly boast of new features, such as an OLED Touch Bar, Touch ID and Siri.

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