MacBook Pro 2016 Release Date Nears As Hinted By MacBook Pro Deal With $300 Discount On Predecessor

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MacBook Pro 2016

Many rumors from various sources affirm that the MacBook Pro 2016 release date can be expected in September. Not to forget, Apple is also gearing up to release the second-generation Apple Watch 2,?iPhone 7 and its bigger sibling iPhone 7 Plus in the same timeframe. However, there will?reportedly be no iPhone 7 Pro this year.

In the run up to the MacBook Pro 2016 release, Apple?s ranking with regard to computer sales has dropped significantly. This is precisely because people are waiting for the next-generation device to hit the store shelves. And there is no point in spending so much on an old device. Nevertheless, e-retailers like eBay are clearing their stocks so as to make way for the MacBook Pro successor by offering attractive discounts.

Powered by Intel Core i5 processor and backed by 4GB of RAM, the well-received 13.3-inch MacBook Pro has been?discounted to just $799.99 on eBay. The original price of this device used to be $1,099. With this deal, buyers can save a significant $299.01.

So far, 289 units of this discounted model have been sold by the prominent seller Electronics valley, which enjoys a 99.6 percent top rating on eBay. As always, eBay offers free shipping service with the purchase of this device.

Moving on to the rumored MacBook Pro 2016 specifications, the next-generation device is believed to pack?OLED function keys with an OLED display touch bar right above the keyboard. Under the hood, a powerful Skylake processor with a new graphics card will apparently power the laptop.

MacBook Pro 2016

MacWorld says Intel has already introduced the?new Kaby Lake processors, which is the successor of Skylake. However, it will not be making it to the upcoming MacBook Pro, as the release date of this new chip is not expected until late 2016 or early 2017.

While the upcoming iPhone 7 series will reportedly come with iOS 10 onboard, the MacBook Pro 2016 will be released with the?latest macOS Sierra. The bonus is that this new OS brings Siri to Macs. And, if the reports are to be believed, there will not be much difference between the working style of Siri in the Macs when compared to the iPhones.

Other key features include support for Touch ID fingerprint scanner, Apple Pay and USB Type C port.


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