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MacBook Pro 2016 Release Date Is In This Month?

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MacBook Pro

MacBook Pro 2016 is on its way. The most anticipated Apple product is expected to be launched in this month. Otherwise, you have to wait till June. Because WWDC will take place in June. ?One more wonderful feature of MacBook Pro is making noise. That is Skylake processor.

According to Mac World, ?MacBook Pro will feature a retina display along with Skylake processor. Apple will update it?s 13-inch model &15inch MacBook Pro models. Skylake will enhance the battery efficiency. At present MacBook 13inch and 15-inch models are able to work up to 10 and 8 hours respectively. The 2016 MacBook Pro can have better battery capabilities.

There is a rumor that MacBook Pro will have ?two USB C ports which will replace the Thunderbolt or 3.0 ports used on the current models or not. According to the rumored IPS technology will create a 178-degree view on the screen. MacBook Pro 2016 will also feature ?Force Touch trackpads. MacBook Pro 2016 is going to be thinner and lighter than MacBook Air.

?The new Force Touch trackpad takes all the capabilities of Multi-Touch and adds force sensors that detect subtle differences in the amount of downward pressure you apply. This lets you have a deeper connection to your content, bringing more functionality right to your fingertip,? Apple wrote on its website. The brand will introduce haptic feedback to MacBook Pro which allows the user to feel what?s happening on the screen. ?In addition to these, there will be FaceTime HD camera, dual Mics and stereo speakers. MacBook Pro 2016 will be equipped with 802.11ac Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0 wireless technology.

There will be a Hyper-Threading technology which will boost the ?performance of MacBook Pro by allowing each core to take up multiple tasks at a time. . The price range of the new MacBook Pros will be between $1,299 to $1,799.

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