MacBook Pro 2016 To Be Launched This March 21? 3 Reasons Why We Think So

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Apple might just spring a MacBook Pro 2016 surprise come March 21 in a press event at its headquarters in Cupertino, CA. The company has sent out media invites Thursday to showcase Apple products, but the company is mum on news about a MacBook Pro 2016 being included.

So, why the rumor about a Mac rollout in the media event? These three reasons though:

1. Yearly schedule

Apple did launch the 12-in MacBook Pro in March of last year, fueling speculations that a repeat is in the offing for the latest Mac this year. It didn?t help, too, that the invite–bannered with a ?Let us loop you in?–is hardly forthcoming about the event.

2. We?ve seen this before

Yes, the event is expected to showcase a 4-in iPhone SE and a 9.7-in iPad, the latest in Apple?s mobile launchings, but if past Apple events are any indication, the company loves surprises and crypted invitations. An October 2014 invite (?It?s been way too long?) comes to mind that originally told media an iPad would be released; the even turned out to include showcasing iMacs with Retina displays and a Mac mini upgrade. ?You can?t blame us for fueling suspicion that a MacBook Pro 2016 sideshow might be thrown in as desserts in the March Apple party.

3. Encrypted invite

Loop you in? The invite could be addressing Mac fans, who have been largely out of the loop when it comes to Apple launchings, thanks to the flagship iPhone models.

Earlier, Macworld reported that MacBook Pro is likely to be launched at Apple?s annual Worldwide Developers Conference in June. Even if we won?t see a MacBook 2016 release on March 21, we might get some hard updates on an actual release date, or perhaps, a couple of defining features of the laptop for tease.

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