MacBook Pro 2016 Latest Update: Release Delayed Because Of iPhone 7?

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MacBook Pro 2016
The Long Awaited Revamp of MacBook is here

MacBook fanatics are bound to be disappointed yet again since the long awaited launching of ‘MacBook Pro 2016’ is rumored to be postponed by Apple. The MacBook Pro 2016 latest update is that their newest flagship product is rumored to be a headphone jack-less laptop and may be compatible suitable with wireless earbuds.

The Bit Bag also stated that there is a big possibility that the MacBook Pro 20016 launching delay is quite imminent, mentioning iPhone 7 as the big culprit. iPhone 7 is due to be launched this coming September. Amidst the hustle and buzzle of coming up with new designs and all other preparations for the upcoming event, MacBook Pro 2016 launching had to give way.

Despite the rumored postponed launching date, Ming-Chi Kuo KGI securities analyst stated that the MacBook Pro is going to be a huge launching event. However, the dates have not been confirmed yet. Also, all the buzz about the newest features are indeed true and reliable.

MacBook fans may also recall that one of Apple’s old product got its last upgrade in 2008, thus making it the tech giant company’s most outdated product. No wonder the company is going all out for a revamp, coming up with the most intriguing features like the Touch ID sensor along with an enclave. It?s super secure so that the user can unlock the device without the need of entering the password. There?s also a mini screen OLED found above the keyboard which replaced the old function keys.

The MacBook Pro 2016 latest update also boasts of it’s lighter and thinner physical appearance which aims to lure their tech savvy target market. The USB ports is also believed to be replaced by USB Type-C. Thunderbolt protocol can be supported by this port. Moreover, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are expected to be much better because of the use of Intel Skylake processors by MacBook Pro. Not only can utilizing Intel processors improve performance, it can also save more energy in the upcoming device.

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