MacBook Pro 2016 Features Include Apple Pencil-Enabled Trackpad, According to Patent

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MacBook Pro 2016

MacBook Pro 2016 has been on the rumor mill for quite a long time. There are so many rumors around the specs of the next generation of the MacBook. Latest reports suggest that MacBook Pro 2016 may include an Apple Pencil enabled trackpad.

Back in May, Apple filed a patent for ?Stylus With Inertial Sensor?. In a letter to the US Patent and Trademark Office, Apple explained that the new Apple pen would have an elongated body with opposing first and second ends. At the first end, there would be touch sensor to receive electromagnetic signals while the other end may have six-axis internal sensor.

According to Alphr, the patent explains, ?Inertial sensor input may be gathered when operating the stylus in one or more inertial sensor input modes such as an air mouse mode, a rotational controller mode, a joystick mode, and/or other inertial sensor input modes.?

Apple introduced Apple Pencil last year. Currently, it works with the iPad Pro tablet. If Apple is actually working on the next-gen Apple pencil, the company will most probably include it in MacBook Pro 2016. This would be ?icing on the cake? as MacBook Pro 2016 is already rumored to include some other super cool features.

MacBook Pro 2016

The most significant feature is the OLED touch bar with an integrated fingerprint reader. The all new OLED touch bar will replace the physical function buttons. The integrated fingerprint reader will be used to unlock the device. Earlier, it was speculated that the upcoming MacBook will use iPhone?s fingerprint reader. Moreover, there are also rumors that the Macbook Pro 2016 will identify users with their Apple Watch. The device will unlock automatically when the wearable is in required range.

MacBook Pro 2016 OLED Touchbar

MacBook Pro 2016 OLED Touchbar

Moreover, MacBook Pro 2016 is supposed to include 5K Thunderbolt display with an integrated GPU. The new MacBook Pro will be powered by Intel Skylake processor coupled with 8GB RAM. It will have 1TB HDD onboard storage. The new laptop would be sleeker and lighter than the current model.

However, Apple has not confirmed anything, these features are based on the rumors circulating on the internet. Apple could release MacBook Pro 2016 in September along with Apple Watch 2 and iPad Mini 5.

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