Apple Shipped Some Bad Units of MacBook Pro 2016

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MacBook Pro 2016 Display Glitches

Fresh from the excitement of unboxing a new MacBook Pro 2016, having some sort of issue with it is the least of anyone?s worries. Unfortunately, that cannot be said for some of the new owners of the shiny MacBook Pro, especially the 15-inch version.

Reports revealed that a number of owners of the new MacBook Pro 2016 have been experiencing some issues with the laptop. The problem seemed to be isolated on the 15-inch versions with discrete graphics card.

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Users who experienced glitches on the MacBook Pro 2016?s display have taken to the internet to vent out their frustrations. Some even posted images and videos ?of the said problem plaguing some of the newly released 15-inch MacBook Pros.

Some of the users posted comments on forum asking for help. The threads have been increasing in size everyday as more and more people experience the problem with their new laptops.

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The very first post came from an owner named JanInLA who also posted a video of his brand new MacBook Pro 2016. According to him, he used his new laptop to encode a video using Adobe Media Encoder. Moments later, his laptop screen began flickering changing color to hues of green. Another user posted the same problem, this time, with a red screen and the same flickering effect.

Some forum members suggested resetting the laptops PRAM or NVRAM. However, resetting this does not solve the problem at all.

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A PRAM of NVRAM is a non-volatile memory on the MacBook Pro?s logic board that saves the settings of the laptop?s various features. All the pertinent information like EFI boot data, speaker volume, display settings, as well as startup disk location.

So far, the only solution to the problem is contacting an Apple help line or going to an Apple Store. Once an Apple technician has assessed the problem, he or she will then request for a replacement unit. Unfortunately, the replacement units will not arrive at least for another month.

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