MacBook Pro 2016 Price, Release Date: Store Availability to Start This Week

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MacBook Pro 2016

Just as expected, the new MacBook Pro 2016 has started arriving to day-one purchasers yesterday. Many have started showcasing their new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar from different channels on the internet. For those who were not able to get the new laptop during the release, there is no need to cry about it. In fact, new reports suggest that the Touch Bar equipped MacBook Pros will become available at Apple Stores this week.

According to sources familiar with Apple?s plans, the tech giant will start updating its inventory with the new MacBook Pro.

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Later this week, consumers can try the new MacBook Pro 2016 with Touch Bar from Apple Stores across the US. Consumers will also be able to buy them directly from the said stores. Of course, this is still subject to the quantity available per store so it would be wise to check first.

In addition to this, consumers can also expect to see the new LG 4K and 5K displays from various Apple Stores. Prior to this, it was reported last week that Apple has begun shipping the monitors to its customers.

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So far, just a day after the first shipments arrived, countless reviews on the laptop began to emerge on the internet. Most of them showcased the new Touch Bar and Touch ID hardware and their features. Meanwhile, others are still fixated on the USB ports, or lack thereof.

Some even suggested that Apple should have, at least, included a USB Type-C to Type-A adapter in the box. While this sounds a lot more practical, Apple still maintained its stance on its decision regarding the new Thunderbolt ports.

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Nevertheless, anyone who needs an adapter can either purchase it directly from Apple or some third party vendors. Right now, Apple is still selling its line of adapters at a discounted price. And from the looks of it, the prices are here to stay.

Perhaps, this is Apple?s way of letting people know that it is aware of the fact that they are not yet ready for USB Type-C. Also, this move from the tech giant will enforce the use of USB Type-C to all its buyers whether they like it or not.

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