MacBook Pro 2016 Release Date Rumors: Everything We Know So Far

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The MacBook Pro 2016 is rumored to be lighter, thinner and will likely to have an OLED bar and a touch panel. Here is what we can expect from the upcoming high-end notebook from Apple.

New Features

This year?s MacBook Pro, may be an overhaul from the first higher resolution retina model from 2012, it is reportedly smaller, thinner, narrower and easier to carry over the previous models.

Featuring a new USB-C Port, a single port to do charging, connecting to screen and transferring data to phone. A new OLED, which acts as a function keys for Volume, Audio Controls and Etc. It is a digital screen that varies from what task the user is currently doing.

New Hardware

Performance is also rumored to be faster and may wield an AMD Polaris GPU that features a 14nm Technology. On the CPU side, it may have an Intel Kaby Lake processor, the 7th Generation of Intel?s processor that has a 10nm Technology.

A trackpad that will be compatible with Apple Pencil will also be present, as a new medium to interact with the new MacBook. The display is also expected to have a 1440p resolution powered by an AMD Polaris GPU chips for it is a good candidate by being energy efficient and small in size.

The new MacBook Pro will also be able to fulfill gaming and video editing tasks because of its new generation GPU.

The 3.5mm headphone jack might be removed for both MacBook Pro 2016 and iPhone 7. If the rumors about the iPhone 7 removing the 3.5mm headphone jack are true, rest assured that the MacBook Pro will likely share the same fate.

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Past History

As Steve Jobs claimed that the iPad was the new replacements for laptops by referring to it as a ?Post PC? it wasn?t quietly as he expected. Though the iPad sales wasn?t Steve Jobs was expecting, iPad revenue fell by 23 percent.


When will it be available?

While iPhone 7?s announcement is confirmed and will be on September 7, MacBook Pro 2016 may not be announced alongside the iPhone 7. But still, it can be expected to announce and release this year.

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