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Macbook Air 2016 vs iPad Pro News: Rumors Suggests iPad Pro Will Replace Macbook Air 2016?

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If you have been waiting for the Macbook Air 2016 this year, make sure to have other options as rumors online suggest Apple is not at all very keen on continuing the model. According to reports, there is a possibility of the iPad Pro replacing the Macbook Air 2016. The rumors have been given more credence when Apple?s CEO Tim Cook revealed in a recent interview that the iPad Pro is the device that will eventually replace the Mac and Notebook.

The absence of notable news about the Macbook Air 2016, its specs and target release date all adds up to the notion that it may not arrive, not this year or in the coming years. Meanwhile, others believe that the Macbook Air is too valuable to let go that they believe Apple will continue to provide them under the name ?Macbook.?

Nevertheless, some rumored specs about the Macbook Air 2016 came out. An ideal but rough guess, should the device make a surprise appearance, claims that the specs include AMD Radeon RX 400 series video cards, OLED Touch Display Bar and the lightning port said to be the latest innovation in the iPhone line.

If anything else, the giant tech company wants their consumers to get more in touch with the iPad Pro that they?re willing to let go of the Macbook Air 2016. Just how valuable is the iPad Pro that executives are pushed to disregard their laptops? Apple might just dwell on continuity without the expected state of the art features and will release a Macbook Air 2016 with an entry level code. This way, consumers will not feel like they have been robbed of something they valued in the past.

Meanwhile, the Macbook Pro 2016 is still slated to join this year?s launch and consumers can expect Apple to introduce their latest devices this come September. Do you agree with Apple?s plan to discontinue the Macbook Air series? What Apple device are you currently using? Don?t miss the latest update on the Macbook Air 2016 by reading

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