MacBook Air 2016 Rumors: Arrival Delayed As Apple To Focus On MacBook Air 2016

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Macbook Air 2016
Macbook Air 2016

It?s been quite long since Apple refreshed it product line of Macbook Air. Rumors have it that the Cupertino tech giant may not release the much anticipated Macbook Air 2016.

Though Apple?s Air line of laptops are in dire need of new updates, the company has so far remained silent on the future of Macbook Air. The company has lately hinted at launch of all-new iPhone 7, Apple Watch 2 and as well Macbook Pro 2016 model.

Macbook Air didn?t feature in any of these new rumors and it likely indicates the American multinational is going slowly phase out the Macbook Air line. Instead Apple is said to be focusing on promotion of their latest Macbook Pro line of laptops.

Basically the probable reason behind the phase out of ?Macbook Air? is the all new Retina Macbook. The 11-inch Macbook Air has been essentially killed by the Retina Macbook which is way lighter and slimmer than the Air.

Retina Macbook

Macbook 12-inch Retina

On the other hand, the 13-inch Macbook Air is available for similar as the 13-inch Macbook Pro model. The Pro model is way better in terms of specifications and therefore better preferred over the Air.

As BGR points out Air line hasn?t been updated well enough to attract customers. The Air line lacks a good display, and with its less powerful specifications can only be used for basic functions as internet browsing at most. There are several cheaper options such as Google Chromebook for similar functions which leaves the Air line hugely disadvantaged.

The new Retina Macbook is therefore expected to replace the need for lighter and ultra portable line of laptops. The Macbook Pro series can facilitate those interested in laptops for powerful functions such as photography, graphics editing and playing games.

However, rumors as usual still continue regarding Macbook Air refresh with several reports suggesting that Apple might bring the new line of Air in 2017 instead of 2016.

Macbook Air 2016/2017 New Changes

The next in line Macbook Air, if there is one, could possibly start up with upgrading the display. Apple?s current line of Air laptops have displays with poor resolution that is not even close to HD resolution. Apple could start with inclusion of Retina displays in Air line.

However, given Apple?s pricing of Retina display laptops, it could end up being priced same as Pro series which would altogether defeat the purpose of new line. The right move would be to introduce Retina display Macbook Air at lower prices.

The second most significant upgrade to feature in Air could be the TouchID support for the laptop. With fingerprint lock technology the Apple new line could actually attract younger generation for its innovative design.

Of course, since it Air line, Apple will have to make it much more lighter and thinner than the previous generations of laptops. That too without compromising the power as it did with Retina Macbook which features Intel Core M series that are way slower than Air?s Core i5s.

It is also expected that the processor and chipset would be upgraded to either of Sky lake or Kaby lake processors.

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