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Macbook Air 2016 Review: Why Apple Should Re-Consider and Re-Create the Macbook Air

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It?s no secret that news surrounding the Macbook Air 2016 says it won?t be happening; that Apple has ceased to create a new model and have moved on to the Macbook Pro 2016. It should have been good news; a new and better option is all set to arrive. But that is not the case for some users and here?s hoping these users numbers will be enough for Apple to reconsider creating another Air.

In an honest to goodness review of the the Macbook Air, consumers reveal their most fond memories about the laptop. Aside from its price, size and power; it was the ultimate thing for people who didn?t require so many upgraded specs for graphic projects.

The real problem with the Macbook Air line has been the lack of updates that could have easily made it competitive in the long run. The Air was excellent when it came to its design and concept, and updates would have made it even more so, if Apple hadn?t jumped to the Macbook Pro 2016 instead.There was also the 11-inch Macbook Air that was quickly replaced by the Retina Macbook.

It?s all about updating, and it?s all about keeping the legacy of the Air. After all, it was as promising as the next Macbook Pro 2016 when it was first introduced in 2010. One of the recent reviews of the Macbook Air reveal that a simple upgrading of the screen, some discrete graphic chips and letting go of the Bezel may have increased the chances of the Macbook Air getting a spot in the tech market.

Most of all, revolutionized pricing on any updated Macbook Air could have been a game changer for the beloved thin laptop of the recent generation.

Bottomline, the Macbook Air is still loved by many. And if it has to be a Macbook Air 2016 all packed with new specs and concept, then it might still be the current ?in? thing. Are you currently using any version laptop these days? What feature do you love most about the Apple device? Get the latest update on the Macbook Air 2016 here on TheBitBag.

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