MacBook Air 2016 Release After MacBook Pro 2016 Launch?

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Macbook Pro 2016
Macbook Pro 2016

A new report says the heavily-anticipated MacBook Air 2016, which is rumored to be the last in this lineup, will be unveiled right after the announcement of the MacBook Pro 2016.

Apple is gearing up to release a slew of devices spanning this year and early next year. This includes the iPad Air 3, iPad Mini 5, Apple Watch 2, MacBook Air 2016 and MacBook Pro 2016, along with multiple variants of the iPhone 7 series.

While various sources from across the globe have speculated about the next-generation iPhones and iPads, the leaks surrounding the MacBook models are relatively less. This is especially true with the Air variant. In any case, Apple needs all the attention it can get to overturn the dwindling sales and also to keep up with the never-ceasing expectations of the fandom and analysts.

Hence, it is fair to assume that Apple could be working on power-packed devices to catapult the current status quo, and make people truly long for the successor of the device every single year.

MacBook Pro 2016

MacBook Pro 2016

The general consensus is that Apple?s powerful MacBook Pro 2016 will be relatively thinner, slimmer and will come powered by the best processor from Intel.

This notebook is believed to feature a touch-sensitive OLED bar, which would replace the function keys seen in the current-generation models.

Speaking of release date, as mentioned earlier, there is not much clarity available on the notebooks earmarked for release. Once Apple launches the iPhones and iPads in September, the MacBooks can be launched in October, or early 2017.

MacBook Air 2016

The MacBook Air 2016 is quite an interesting device because Apple has not changed anything when it comes to design for several years now. Perhaps because the demand for this device has always been stable irrespective of the lack of any radical design change.

Lack of design overhaul apart, Apple has only refreshed the internal configurations of the MacBook Air series thus far. However, this move has not gone well with the fan base. And this is precisely why the expectation surrounding this device is quite less.

On the contrary, our expectation is that, even if Apple doesn?t opt for over-the-top design changes, it might house the notebook with cutting-edge configurations this year. This is precisely because many rumors are going around stating that Apple might ditch the MacBook Air series altogether with the exception of one last device — most probably named the MacBook Air 2016, portal?Enstarz noted.

If this report comes true, fans can expect the final Air variant to debut anytime after the MacBook Pro 2016.


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