MacBook Air 2016 Release: Laptop To Drop This Month?

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Macbook Air 2016
Macbook Air 2016

As Apple kicked off its Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), rumors about the much anticipated MacBook Air 2016 have been making the rounds since fans have been waiting to see the next in line upgrades for the company?s eight-year-old laptop.

Though after Apple?s Day 1 of the WWDC ended with no significant hardware reveals, several rumors suggest that we still see the MacBook Air 2016 afterall, which is expected to drop later this month.

With Monday?s conference, Apple essentially unveiled iOS 10 for iPhones and iPads as well as OS X 10.12 for Mac devices. With the WWDC continuing until June 17, there are expectations of significant hardware reveals including that of Macbook Air 2016. Even earlier reports by sites such as MacOtakara suggested Apple will unveil its all new MacBook Air 2016 in June though the shipping may begin in August yet.

However, several reports such as the one from Forbes are not much hopeful about Apple giving away significant any hardware upgrades at the ongoing WWDC but say that the company will rather focus on the software side only.

While not much is known regarding the possible features or hardware upgrades that MacBook Air 2016 will bring along, the significant highlight would be a possible processor upgrade as Apple is set to bid goodbye to Broadwell processor in favor of Intel Skylake processors. Intel said the Skylake processors that will power a 2016 Air are 10 to 20 percent faster and have 34 percent faster graphics and last more than an hour longer than the previous processors.

In addition, the MacBook Air will possibly get even more thinner and lighter with a new refreshing design as Apple will try to cut down few millimeters by removing traditional USB ports in favor of the smaller and efficient USB Type C port.

Other rumors have mentioned the inclusion of a retina display in the MacBook Air, which though don?t seem likely as it is the core difference between the MacBook Pro and the Air series. If Apple anyway does plan a Retina MacBook Air, prices of the new laptop will get significantly higher.

On the software front as revealed on its WWDC forum, Siri is finally coming to OS X and MacBook Air 2016 could be one of the first laptops with increased Siri functionality. Also, there are talks about Apple Pay integrating with Safari web browser though it is likely to be limited in iOS. There are even talks about Touch ID coming to Air though this is mere wishful thinking, but Apple seems to have introduced an innovative way to unlock your Mac with iPhone or iPad via Continuity which enables the Mac to pick up on what you’re doing on your iPhone or iPad.

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