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MacBook Air 2016 Release Cancelled? Details On Features Scarce

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Macbook Air 2016
Macbook Air 2016

The MacBook Air 2016 release just might get cancelled. Rumors were fueled since there has not been a lot of details about the device?s features and specs.

Insiders have pointed out that other soon-to-be-released products have already been widely reported. Many have even had alleged actual photos leaked on the internet.

However, there has not been a lot of solid information about the MacBook Air 2016 features. Rumors about its launch date have also been scarce.

Many expected the MacBook Air 2016 to be unveiled last June during Apple?s annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). Those who were excited to see the upgrades for the eight-year-old laptop inevitably got dismayed when the event ended without any mention of the said device.

The lack of information has made tech enthusiasts conclude that Apple has cancelled the MacBook Air 2016 release.

Furthermore, the Cupertino-based tech giant has also already launched new devices that are similar to the popular lightweight laptop. This includes the recently released Retina-equipped MacBook. Aside from being in the same price range as the current MacBook Air model, the two also share similar specs. However, the new one reportedly has better display.

Retina Macbook

Macbook 12-inch Retina

TheBitBag also previously reported that Apple will not release an 11-inch MacBook Air this year. This is supposedly intended to make way for the 15-inch MacBook Air 2016. It will reportedly have minor updates, which include a more powerful central processing unit (CPU) that will make the device thinner and lighter.

There have also been rumors that the new MacBook Air will finally carry a Retina display. The Air variant is Apple?s only MacBook that does not have this feature yet. Other rumored features include smaller and efficient USB Type-C ports that will supposedly take the place of traditional USB ports. The device will also reportedly carry Siri, a virtual assistant initially exclusive only for iPhones.

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