Is Macbook 2017 the New Macbook Air 2016?

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Is Macbook 2017 the new Macbook Air 2016? The elusive Macbook Air 2016 has given many the notion that it may not arrive after all. For over a year now, Apple is unable to give an update about the laptop and despite several rumors online, the giant tech company remains mum about it. One of the greatest indication that the Macbook Air 2016 is not happening is the apparent presence of the new Macbook 2017.

According to several reports online, the diverse information about the Macbook Air 2016 tells just how inconsistent the creation of the Air is. In fact, some say, it particularly trended to see whether consumers are still faithful to the Macbook Air line. Other news suggests that, Apple deliberately ceased the updating of the device for the all new Macbook 2017.

Regardless of the conditions, there?s currently a bleak chance for the Macbook Air 2016 to arrive. Plus, it was rumored that this September, Apple will only introduce the Macbook Pro, iPhone 7 and Apple Watch. The question is, is Apple really phasing out the much loved Macbook Air?

If Macbook 2017 is really the counterpart of the Macbook Air 2016, then why is Apple taking chance on a new label instead of updating the macbook Air? Regardless of the specifications and the physical characteristics of the laptop, it?s also as easy as introducing the next one as the Macbook Air 2016.

In an interview with Apple services chief, Eddie Cue alongside Apple CEO Tim Cook, Cue said ?Look, one thing you know if you?ve been in technology a while, you?re only as good as the last thing you did. No one wants an original iPod. No one wants an iPhone 3GS.”

He also added ?Is Apple making more mistakes than we used to? I don?t have a tracker on that.” [?] “We have never said that we?re perfect, we?ve said that we seek that. But we sometimes fall short.” [?]

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