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Mac Users Can Now Enjoy Cannon Brawl Early Access Version

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Turtle Sandbox has just announced that Cannon Brawl is now available for Mac OS, and its users can now download and play the Early Access version.

Cannon Brawl is a 2D real time strategy game of conquest and domination.

Cannon Brawl contains 20 missions in the Single Player Mode, and?offers local and online multiplayer support.

Commanding from your airship, you expand your territory and grab as many resources as you can while preventing your enemy from doing the same thing. You will need to build cannons and every kind of weapons to rain down on your foes, plus towers will be needed for an?effective defense of your territory.

Peter Angstadt, one of ?Cannon Brawl developers, described it as, ?mostly an internal milestone.? This is probably the reason why the game?s price has risen to $14.99. Turtle Sandbox does offer a discount of 40?percent to customers who can buy the game on or before July 14. Contents have been added to the game and it has received regular updates.

Within this?year, Campaign Nightmare Mode has been added, plus?four buildings types, maps and five new pilots – among them is a smuggler and flamethrower. The game?s puzzle level has been increased by ten, and three multiplayer maps have been added.

Since Cannon Brawl is now a cross-platform game, both Windows and Mac users can now play against each other despite having different operating systems.

The developers are confident that the beta testing will end in two months or less. The company however, has yet to announce the release date of the game?s final version.

In 2011, a game called Dstroyd won the Activision games competition. Peter Angstadt and Theresa Duringer won the contest, ?and they later changed?their winning entry to Cannon Brawl, and started?Turtle Sandbox Games to further develop the game.

The Cannon Brawl Beta version is now available on Steam.

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