Mac To Surface Assistant: New Migration Tool Allows Transfer Of Files From Mac To Surface

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Mac To Surface Assistant
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Microsoft seems to be working quietly on how they would be able to make Mac users transfer to their Surface. Their new tool called “Mac to Surface Assistant” has only one job and that is to migrate users’ files from Mac to Surface. Through the tool, consumers would certainly consider switching from Apple desktops to Microsoft.

The software is yet to be announced by the company but keen Microsoft watchers have discovered it online. According to Apple Insider, it is basically a tool that allows users to transfer documents, photos, and media files to another device. Plus, it is not that complicated to use so consumers will have an easy time transporting files.

How To Use Mac To Surface Assistant

According to Twitter user WalkingCat, who was one of those who spotted the tool online, using the software is pretty easy. After agreeing to an end user license agreement, consumers can simply select specific folders they want to transfer to Microsoft. That, of course, includes photographs and personal documents.

Mac To Surface

Now, after choosing all the folders you want to transfer, users would then select the destination of those files. That is before you can transfer folders to an external drive, and finally transporting it to the Surface. Obviously, the tool is surely easy to use. However, it is not the first migration tool Microsoft has designed.

Microsoft and Apple Migration Tools

Apparently, this is not the first time Microsoft attempted to help users in transferring files from another device to their desktops. According to the same post of Apple Insider, the company has already offered users guidance on switching from Apple to Microsoft devices. It is already available online and consumers are free to use the online guide.

But, Microsoft is not the only one here that created a migration tool. Apple is also offering migration assistant to their new users. The Cupertino-based company has previously released its own migration tools for moving folders from Windows to Mac and from Android to iOS. Plus, their cloud-connected apps has lessened the need for such migration tools.

This move from Microsoft is clearly an indication that the competition between them and Apple has become stiffer. But, which do you prefer the most, Apple or Microsoft? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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