Mac Mini vs HP Z2 Mini: Is the Mac Mini Facing Obsolescence?

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Mac Mini vs HP Z2 Mini

When Apple released the Mac Mini, everyone was in awe at the engineering marvel that Apple managed to do with it. People know desktops as big and bulky machines. However, Apple changed all that with the Mac Mini. Its radical design prompted other companies to re-think their approach on desktop designs. Fast forward to today, some companies are now trying to give the Mac Mini a run for its money. One company in particular HP with its HP Z2 Mini.

The main design feature of the Mac Mini is its compactness. HP has managed to incorporate that in its newest desktop design, plus more.

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Design features

The new HP Z2 Mini, like the Mac Mini, is designed to be ultra compact. HP managed to replicate the same space-saving design of the Mac Mini without compromising its performance. Although a bit bigger than the Mac Mini, the HP Z2 Mini still has that great design factor that centers on minimalism. One look will tell anyone that it is not just a ?pretty face? but more of a beast as well.

HP Z2 Mini Ports (via

HP Z2 Mini Ports (via


The one thing that the Mac Mini now lacks is performance. Before, Apple?s entry-level desktop product runs on quad-core Intel processors. Now, Apple has limited the top-tier Mac Mini to a dual-core Intel i7 chip. This, however, is where the HP Z2 Mini shines the most.

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On paper, the HP Z2 Mini can sport an Intel i3 chip as a bare minimum. However, for those who want more can opt for a high-performance Intel i7-6700 processor. If that is not enough, there is still a bit of headroom for the compact workstation.

The top-tier HP Z2 Mini can host a quad-core Intel Xeon processor that runs at 3.5GHz. On top of that, this Xeon chip also features hyper-threading, so users get 8 cores in total.


Another win for the HP Z2 Mini is in graphics. The most that a Mac Mini can support is an in-built Intel Iris graphics processor. On the other hand, the HP?s high-end mini desktop sports an NVIDIA Quadro M620 graphics processor.

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The entry-level HP Z2 Mini starts at around $699 while the Mac Mini is at $499. The price difference is not really a surprise as the Z2 Mini is targeted for designers and engineers alike. However, in terms of performance to cost ratio, the high-end HP Z2 Mini offers more ?bang for buck?. With its Xeon core processor and Quadro graphics, it sure is a true workhorse. Unfortunately, HP is yet to release the pricing information for the high-end version of the compact desktop next month.

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