M Night Shyamalan New Film ?Split? Features James Mc Avoy?s Brilliantly Terrifying Performance of 23 Distinct Personalities

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James Mc Avoy channeling one of 23 personalities

Perhaps getting into the minds of almost all the mutants in the universe as Professor X has had some side effect on James Mc Avoy. In his latest film, Split, by director M Night Shyamalan, McAvoy is set to terrify and impress with his portrayal of Kevin, a character with multiple personality disorder.

The recently released trailer hints at McAvoy?s brilliant performance as a kidnapper, a woman, and a 9-year-old kid, among others. He has evidenced 23 difference personalities to his shrink, Dr. Fletcher, played by Betty Buckley (of 1976 classic horror flick, Carrie), with one deep-seated personality more sinister than the rest, slowly rising to the surface.

A peak into his 23 personalities

The scene opens with him kidnapping three teenage girls and leading them to his lair where they witness in terror his different personalities coming out one after the other, and wondering which one can help them escape.

?An individual with multiple personalities can change their body chemistry with their thoughts,? laments Dr. Fletcher as the scene shows McAvoy transforming to another personality, presumably the feared ?Beast.? His 9-year-old identity named Hedwig sounds amused as he says, ?He?s done awful things to people and he?ll do awful things to you.? As with previous Shyamalan films, we can probably expect a big twist in the end.

M Night Shyamalan redeemed

After the last few years? disappointing string of films??The Happening,? ?The Last Airbender,? ?After Earth,? Shyamalan made a modest hit from last year?s unconventional found footage movie, The Visit, which earned $100 million. He reunites with producer Jason Blum for this film.

Anya Taylor-Joy of horror film, The Witch, stars as the trio?s de facto leader, but while her performance impresses, James McAvoy is a sight to behold and looks like he thoroughly enjoyed playing his different identities. The film also stars Haley Lu Richardson and Sterling K. Brown.

Split hits theaters on January 20, 2017.

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