Lupus: Know The Disease And Symptoms Which Affected Actress Selena Gomez Last Year

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Quite recently singer Selena Gomez has come out in the open about being diagnosed with Lupus and undergoing chemotherapy for the same. While everyone is praying for her good health, many people do not know what exactly Lupus is.

Talking about the same to Billboard Magazine?Selena said, ?I was diagnosed with lupus, and I?ve been through chemotherapy. That?s what my break was really about. I could?ve had a stroke,” Gomez says of her time spent out of the spotlight, which gossip-mongers took as fodder for addiction rumors. ?I wanted so badly to say, ?You guys have no idea. I?m in chemotherapy. You?re assholes.’ I locked myself away until I was confident and comfortable again.?

What is Lupus?

There are several types of the chronic autoimmune disease but the term is most commonly used to describe a more severe form of the decision called systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE).

It can affect parts of the body including the skin, joints and internal organs, with the body?s immune system becoming hyperactive and attacking normal tissue.

What causes lupus?

It is not clear what causes antibodies to attack healthy cells but most experts think more than one factor could be to blame.

Genetics are believed to play a part, with brothers and sisters of lupus suffers being more likely to develop the condition themselves.

Several genetic mutations that could make people more susceptible to developing SLE have been identified.

Environmental factors including hormonal changes and infections could also play a part.

According to Joan Merrill, medical director of the Lupus Foundation of America, ?There can be an increased risk of … strokes, blood clotting in the legs or even heart attacks.?

Is chemotherapy the normal treatment?

Treatment depends on the intensity of the disease. Milder cases can be treated with immunosuppressants or anti-inflammatories, such as aspirin or steroids. However, more severe cases can be treated with chemotherapy drugs, the most common being Cyclophosphamide and Methotrexate.


?Chemotherapy can stop the more aggressive types of lupus very quickly, and people can do very well on it,? Merrill said. ?The dosages are usually less than what cancer patients take.?

Lupus can come and go — flaring up and then heading into remission.

?It’s very unpredictable,? Merrill said, adding that it?s manageable with proper treatment.

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