Lunecase: a Case that Uses the iPhone?s Electromagnetic Energy for Notifications

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The Concepter team presents Lunecase, an iPhone case that uses electromagnetic energy to display notifications. According to them, electronic devices produce minimal amounts of electromagnetic energy. Using this unused energy, the Lunecase gives a person?s iPhone a special notification system on the back.

First Intelligent iPhone Cover

The Lunecase is the first intelligent iPhone case that” detects early”, ? when the user has new messages or a phone call, even before it is displayed on the phone screen. This case has the ability to determine what type of notification has been received, displaying on the back of the phone using LEDs and electromagnetic energy.

The Lunecase does not require any battery inside, as well as any link with the phone. It functions once it has been snapped on the phone. The startup highlights its product?s edge by functioning with ?unused energy and eliminating the need for connections and batteries.


Several years ago, mobile phones emitted large amounts of electromagnetic energy. However, the present smartphones only produce very little of this energy, that it seemed impossible to use it into something useful. The Concepter team discovered the technology needed for the Lunecase to utilize this small and unused energy. Mobile users were assured that the product still serves its primary purpose as a durable protective casing.

Sleek and Chic


The early version of the Lunecase was first presented at the Consumer Electronics Show back in January 2014 in Las Vegas. The Concepter team showcased its first prototype that was working for four straight days. It simply illuminated a tiny ring when there was a notification.

The Ukrainian startup?s top priority was to come up with an intelligent and functional case that will look sleek and chic. It is now raising funds on Kickstarter and the first 200 black units are being sold for only $29. The price will go up to $35 once the first batch has been sold out. Lunecase models are expected to be shipped beginning August this year.

The startup has found success on its Kickstarter goal with its iblazr iPhone camera flash. It raised nearly $200, 000 when it was launched in Kickstarter last year. The Lunecase is the Concepter?s second attempt at the crowdfunding site.

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