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Luke Gatti In Trouble Again For Viral Drunk Video, What Really Happened?

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A video of a University of Connecticut student went viral on the internet after having an altercation with a campus cafeteria employee when he was denied service. A drunken 19-year-old Luke Gatti strolled into the campus cafeteria, demanded a ?bacon-jalapeno mac and cheese,? and caused a commotion after he shoved the cafeteria manager when he didn?t get what he wanted.


Gatti was seen in the video having a quarrel with the manager telling him to serve his meal but unfortunately didn?t get the service. ?Just give me some f—— bacon-jalapeno mac and cheese,? the drunken Gatti shouted in the video. ?They?re gonna post this online,? he exclaimed to the manager. ?And you?re going to look like a tool.?

When the manager suggested trying another restaurant, Gatti still didn?t budge and refused to exit when they told him to leave. Gatti unexpectedly shoved him and was pinned after by a campus cafeteria employee.

The 19-year-old U-Conn student is now faced with charges which include criminal trespass and breach of peace, according to New York Daily News. Gatti was then seen packing up and loading his things on his father?s car Tuesday evening. Officials from the university told New York Daily News that he was still enrolled at the University.

?We?re prevented from federal student privacy laws, specifically FERPA, from discussing anything else about his status or discussing potential disciplinary cases involving individual students,? a spokeswoman said according to New York Daily News. She also added that students who violate the provisions of the student code could face probation or expulsion, posted by New York Daily News.

This wasn?t the first time that Luke Gatti caused a commotion like this. According to Gawker, the 19-year-old, who was then at the University of Massachusetts, was arrested two times in 2014 after reportedly assaulting a police officer and another for calling a police officer ?a f—— n—–.?

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