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Luke Cage Trailer Teases A Power Man Easter Egg; Watch It Here

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Following the huge success of Daredevil seasons 1 & 2 and Jessica Jones, Marvel Studios is gearing up for the next big thing on Netflix. When Luke Cage?s first trailer was released on August 9, there seems to be an Easter egg or a hidden message. It suggests that the hero?s origins as “Power Man” from the 70’s will be shown in this upcoming Netflix series.

Marvel seems to perfect a fun sort of egging. It is fun, yet it is not too distracting or cryptic. It?s great for mainstream viewers.

Luke Cage was originally created by writer/artist duo, Archie Goodwin and John Romita, Sr. Their craft was inspired by the emergence of Blaxploitation films. In 1972, Luke Cage, Hero For Hire was introduced into the Marvel Universe.

Back then, his main superpower is his unbreakable skin. It could not be cut, nor burned. His primary superpower is a result of an experiment that was conducted on him while he was in jail. He was imprisoned for a crime that he did not commit.

Just like most people in the 1970’s, Power Man had a loud and colorful costume. He was wearing a silky yellow shirt and boots, blue spandex pants, a chain belt, silver wristbands. What made his look really unique was his tiara.

It is apparent that Netflix series is not bringing this look back in 2016. However, hard core fans are delighted to see a fun little Easter egg nod.

If the Netflix series will dive into the hero’s history, we will see him grieving the death of his wife, Reva Connors. More importantly, it will show how Luke Cage obtained his gifts. Fans could also see him as he suffers the impact of Kilgrave taking over his mind.

It was confirmed some time back in November 2013 that Luke Cage is arriving as part of a deal between the two companies.

Luke Cage series is set to arrive on Netflix on September 30.

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