Luigi’s Death Stare Did Not Spare Anime Expo

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If you are looking ?to check out some of the coolest cosplayers, then you need to be at the Anime Expo. Through the years, Anime Expo has been one of the most amazing events that otakus and anime fans are dying to go to.

This year?s Anime Expo is one huge success as countless cosplayers and people who want to see their favorite characters swarmed the place. ?A total of 85, 000 people went to the Los Angeles Convention Center. With all the heat, long lines, and tightly packed quarters, cosplayers managed to squeeze inside the convention with their armors, weapons, and extremely long hair.

With so many people gathered around the Anime Expo, it is really hard to pick the best cosplays. Some cosplayers represent some of the latest anime series like Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin) and Kill La Kill. Others chose an alternative way to represent classic Anime, like the guys who dressed as Sailor Scouts (Sailor Moon counterparts). Also, one of the most entertaining things that happened during the Anime Expo2014 is the appearance of a cosplayer named D-Piddy.

One of the most trending happenings around video games is Luigi?s Death Stare. It was originally from a Youtube video of a Mario Kart game. Then they have discovered that everytime Luigi blasts someone?s Kart, he goes with this crazy death stare.

D-Piddy is just your regular cosplayer but what he did was totally crazy. He did imitate the famous Luigi Death Stare ?while throwing turtle shell plushie at cosplayers.

Watch this video and see how he wrecked Anime Expo 2014:

It is pretty hilarious for those who have played the game but for some who are really putting a lot of effort into their costumes, they are not impressed.

D-Piddy did a lot of cosplays including DeadPool, Kakashi, Luigi and other characters (but mostly DeadPool). He is hosting a contest right now and the lucky winner will have the cart he used at Anime Expo.







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