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‘Lucifer’ Season 3 Spoilers: How Is Charlotte Richards Still Alive?

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Lucifer season 3 spoilers

The season 2 finale of Lucifer aired more than three weeks ago. However, as the season ended, it created more questions than answers. Chief of which is the fact that Charlotte Richards survived after being possessed by Lucifer’s mother.

For those uninitiated, Lucifer’s mother, known as the Goddess of Creation appeared on the first episode of the recently concluded season. However, as anyone would know, the day Lucifer’s mum came to earth is when Charlotte Richards was stabbed to death.

The interesting bit about the last episode is the fact that the Goddess is starting to regain all he powers back. In return, her vessel is too weak to contain such powers. That is the reason why she was pushing Lucifer and Amendadiel to find the last missing part of the sword.

On the eve of Lucifer finally figuring out how to use the sword, the Goddess was then stabbed Chet to exact revenge for his mother’s imprisonment. Unfortunately, it backfired on him and the Goddess literally toasted him alive with her heavenly powers.

Lucifer season 3 spoilers

Lucifer’s Charlotte Richards played by Tricia Helfer (via

That is another twist in the story. In the previous episodes, the Goddess is seen worrying about her lack of time as her vessel starts to deteriorate. The stabbing only made it worse for her as it sped the process of decay. Nevertheless, at the very end of the finale, the Goddess finally relented and left the world in peace. With that, she left the body of Charlotte Richards intact which in turn, raises a lot of questions.

The main theory lies with the Goddess’ heavenly powers. According to Fandom, one of her many powers is resurrection. As her spirit left for the void, she then heals Charlotte Richards body as if nothing happened to it. Well, that is just one theory. And the most compelling one so far.

Perhaps the next question now is what happens to Charlotte Richards. Will she still be part of the third season when it airs later this year?

Based on how the season 2 of the show ended, it seems like Charlotte Richards will still be in there, at least for a few episodes. However, Lucifer will have a lot of explaining to do when Charlotte remembers the she was not supposed to be alive after all.

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