Lucifer Season 2 Premiere: Mum?s the Word for Lucifer and Amenadiel as They Search for the Matriarch

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Lucifer Season 2 was all about ?Mum,? for Lucifer and Amenadiel.

From the very first crime committed, Lucifer (Tom Ellis) and Amenadiel (DB Woodside) have done nothing but put words in suspects? mouths and assume that they were ?Mum.? The brothers played on the show?s comedic strengths as they scrutinized even a bank robber who answered all their questions just right. Up until he said, ?I want to be free?of debt!? they thought they had Mum in the bag.

Detective Chloe Decker (Lauren German), on the other hand, is perplexed about how Lucifer escaped death during last season, when he got shot by Malcolm. She told him she has a sample of his blood with her and she will have it tested so that she can find out exactly what kind of being he is. Lucifer is unperturbed as he pretty much has been saying who the devil he really is since Day 1.

Amenadiel doesn?t think that humans having proof of Divinity is a good idea and attempted to sneak into the police station to steal Lucifer?s blood from Decker?s desk. Just as easily as he came in by stopping time, his power didn?t hold that long and soon enough the police officers are asking him what he?s doing there. Amenadiel, as surprised as the cops around him, gave a lame excuse of being lost, as he leaves the precinct. ?

Angel on a mission

Setting this aside, Amenadiel is an angel on a mission to dissuade Decker from finding out the truth about Lucifer?s divinity. He confronts her with logical explanations for his brother?s unusual talents. First, he fires a gun straight into his torso, and right there, we thought he was going to reveal his true self as well. But he shows her a bulletproof vest underneath and explained that he had Lucifer wear one when Malcolm shot him. As for the devil persona, Amenadiel said that due to their rough childhood, Lucifer has created a persona as a defense mechanism. He also explained that Lucifer has been studying neuro-linguistic programming, or simply, the power of suggestion.

Halfway into the first episode, Maze (Lesley-Ann Brandt) shows up to reveal the reason for her absence is because she?s soul searching. She?s surprised when Lucifer tells her that Mama Morningstar is roaming the streets. When Lucifer calls her out for probably having something to do with Mum?s escape, Maze said she has tortured his mum while in Hell, so she has reason to be scared as well.

After all reference to ?Mum? was made all throughout the episode, she finally shows up at Lucifer?s pad, disheveled, desperate and with a knife in hand.

Could it be a ploy to kill Lucifer, or is she just confused about the new world she?s moving in to? Find out next episode only here at The Bitbag.


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