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Lucifer Season 2 Episode 11 Spoilers: God To Be Introduced

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Lucifer Season 2 episode 10 promo video hints trouble for Chloe.
Lucifer Season 2 episode 10 promo video hints trouble for Chloe.

Lucifer Season 2 is now on a hiatus but it is bound to show a lot of surprises when it returns. One these surprises is the possible appearance of God. God is Lucifer Morningstar?s dad.

Latest reports claim that Fox is currently looking for the best male actor to play the role. It will be interesting to see how the character will be introduced in the series. Spoilers claim that God will be introduced as a patient in a psychiatric ward.

It is speculated that people thinks he is mentally ill for claiming that he is the Lord Almighty. God appearing in the sophomore season is most likely. Could the man that claims to be God actually be him or is he just delusional?

The Arrival of God

Executive producer Joe Henderson previously mentioned that they do not intend to introduce God very early on in the show. He said their priority was Lucifer?s mom. It was she who they wanted to be ?in the series. Introducing God was not a priority for the show at that time.

Fans can recall that Lucifer?s mother, Charlotte Richards, already appeared on the show. Tricia Helfer was picked to play the role. Richards wanted to blow up Detective Chloe Decker (Lauren German). She was hoping that it would convince his son to leave Earth. Amenadiel, a character played by D.B. Woodside, appeared to stop her.

Fans can expect to see some flashbacks when Lucifer Season 2 returns. It was previously reported that season 2 will focus on how he managed to arrive at Los Angeles. The flashbacks also answers some questions about his true identity and his real intent in L.A.

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Lucifer Season 2 episode 11 is slated to air on FOX on Jan. 16 at 9 p.m. EST. Tune in only here at TheBitbag for more Lucifer Season 2 news and updates.

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