Lucasfilm Says Future Star Wars Content Will Be Canon

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The Star Wars series has created a whole universe of possibilities for sci-fi fans to explore. Since the first trilogy showed in the early 70?s, Star Wars has expanded into three more movies for the first trilogy, a whole library of volumes of books and comics, and an upcoming trilogy to come out in the coming years. That?s just how big this series is ever since George Lucas thought of making a story about ?Annikin Starkiller? and his son Luke.

A recent announcement was made in lieu of the upcoming follow up to ?Return of the Jedi?. Lucasfilm has said that the approach to the canon was to be made clear in the coming trilogy of films. The stories that were told in the ?Expanded Universe? of Star Wars were to be treated as such; expanded universe material. These were always non-canon, though some bits of it managed to find its way into the main continuity. George Lucas, however, made clear the line between the elements of the EU as non-canon and the main canon as being rooted into the movies and games.

Changes were further made during the Walt Disney Company?s acquisition of Lucasfilm. A new story group was formed, whose main task was to oversee the storytelling and creative development of Star Wars material. Most aspects of the storytelling, moving forward, will find inclusion into the series? main canon.

image courtesy of  eweb4

image courtesy of eweb4

This means that the Del Rey books universe, as well as the TV series ?Star Wars Rebels? will be the first to tell stories that are included in the main canon, while disregarding all content from the EU. However, this was clarified further with a statement saying that while it is disregarded, the creators have full access to all the content that was since included in the Expanded Universe. It may mean that these have a chance of becoming main canon material.

In regards to games about the Star Wars Universe, future releases will be included in the canon universe. This includes Dice?s Battlefront and Visceral?s new Star Wars game, which is currently being developed. Both are Electronic Arts games, who recently completed a multiyear deal in 2013 with Disney to produce Star Wars video games.

Another game, ?Star Wars: The Old Republic?, has experienced a delay in release. It wasn?t any cause for concern, though, since as far as the Old Republic was concerned, it was part of the expanded universe. And that wasn?t going to change anyway.

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