?Love In The Moonlight? Episode 1 Ratings Vs. ?Doctors?: Which Is More Popular?

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Doctors Korean drama and Love in the Moonlight

Love in the Moonlight Episode 1 aired earlier this week. Fans of Korean dramas are wondering how the new KBS series rated versus SBS? hit show Doctors.

Love in the Moonlight Korean drama is based on a popular webtoon novel. However, producer Kim Sung-yoon said that he made several changes for the TV adaptation.

He initially wondered if people would be entertained with a series about a female character pretending to be a man. Nonetheless, he still proceeded with the project because he found each webtoon episode interesting.

The adjustments that he made were mostly with the personalities of the characters. Sung-yoon said that he made lead male character Lee Young more childish and playful than his novel counterpart. Actor Park Bo-gum plays the said role, Korea Daily reported.

A former child actress from the early 2000?s, Kim Yoo-jung plays Prince Lee Young’s love interest who masqueraded as an eunuch.

According to data from Nielsen Korea, Love in the Moonlight Episode 1 recorded 8.3 percent viewership ratings nationwide. It also received 9 percent audience share in Seoul alone.

Its performance was close to a MBC?s Monster, which gathered 8.9 percent of viewers.

However, Love in the Moonlight?s ratings for its premiere episode was less than half of SBS? Doctors. The finale of the Park Shin Hye ? Kim Rae Won starrer reportedly scored 17.8 percent in the ratings tally.


Doctors Korean drama | Photo from Facebook

Earlier this month, the hospital-based drama placed second based on Nielsen Korea?s Content Power Index (CPI) report. MBC?s W Korean drama topped the list with 273.3, while Doctors ranked as a close runner-up with 266.4 points.

KBS?s Uncontrollably Fond placed third with 242.4 points. The Suzy Bae and Kim Woo Bin series has been receiving mediocre ratings and reviews since it premiered last July. Because of this, it is likely that KBS is hoping that Love in the Moonlight would help boost the network?s viewership.

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