?Love & Hip Hop: New York? News & Update: Masika Kalysha on Fetty Wap and His Parenting Style

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During an interview on VH1 Live on Monday, ?Love & Hip Hop: New York? cast Masika Kalysha shed light on Fetty Wap?s parenting style with their daughter Khari. When host Marc Lamont Hill asked Kalysha what?s it’s like to co-parent with Fetty Wap, she replied ?I?m right here, and my daughter?s at the hotel with my nanny. I?m an amazing mother. My daughter is the best little girl in the world. ? I?m a pretty good father, too.?

Her reply apparently hints on Fetty Wap?s absence in their lives. Otherwise, she should be gushing about how good a father he is. Nevertheless, the Love & Hip Hop star did not give straight, negative comments about Fetty, but her answer basically made things clear.

?I?m not here to bash him; I?m not here to talk down on him. He paints his own picture, I don?t need to. My job is to take care of my child, and that?s it? Kalysha added. Masika and Fetty Wap appeared on VH1?s Love & Hip Hop Season 1 wherein, the two didn?t make the best and supportive partnership after Fetty denied fathering Masika?s child.

He later apologized to to Masika on Twitter, saying ?everything may not b okay but I want what?s best for the baby so I apologize?. Masika has since accepted his apology, but that didn?t make him instantly a good father to their child. Despite the two Love & Hip Hop alumni mending their differences, the undeniable effect of being in Hollywood has left a strain on their relationship.


In another interview with The Breakfast Club, Masika said ?It depends on which way the wind blows. Here?s the thing, things got crazy. He did come back and try to make things right and I do commend him for what he did, however there are still more issues. So, my priority is my child. I don?t know what his priority is.?

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