Louis Tomlinson Gay Rumors Prevail: In Lover’s Spat With Harry Styles?

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Louis Tomlinson?s decision to ban the word ?Larry? – referencing to fan made romance with his One Direction bandmate Harry Styles – backfired spectacularly on the star. Despite his best efforts to deny the fan-fictionalized gay romance with Harry, the internet rumors of their relationship continue to prevail.

The Larry nickname was coined by devotees who penned fan fiction stories about a secret relationship between the pair due to their close relationship while in the band.

The 1D singer, who is currently dating American star Danielle Campbell, can?t stand the gay rumors. His disdain for fans shipping him with his band mate Harry is too well known from his ?memorable twitter rant in 2012.

Louis and his Danielle

Louis and Danielle

While replying to a fan back then, Tomlinson wrote:@skyleridk Hows this, Larry is the biggest load of bullshit I’ve ever heard. I’m happy why can’t you accept that.

So when Instagram introduced new comments tools that allows users to block a list of words they find offensive or inappropriate, Tomlinson used it block the word ?Larry?. However, fans just found way around the loophole and continued teasing the 24-old star.

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Larry Shippers Continue their Tirade

After Louis made use of Instagram’s new anti-trolling tool by blocking the name completely things turned out be be worse. As soon after the news surfaced, social media users across the internet flooded his page with creative ways to spell out the same word to get around the ban.


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One user wrote, “Lol (laugh out loud) you can try to run away from lar-ry, but remember, you’ll always be part of it.”

“LARRRRYYYY ISSS REEAAAL,” another one wrote.

Fans found out alternative ways of spelling the word, such as ?L@rry? or the spaced out ?L A R R Y?. Other?s redubbed the fictional union ?Stylinson? or ?Houis?. And still others went back to basics with a simple ?L&H?.

The 1D craze is even taking its toll on Louis? personal life, he even?had to change his phone number.

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