Lost Soul Aside PS4 Release Receives First Plot Details

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lost soul aside
Kazer in Lost Soul Aside. [Image from Lost Soul Aside Facebook]

Lost Soul Aside is one of the more interesting games coming out in 2018, mostly because of it’s history. What makes this game intriguing is the fact that it was developed by one Korean game developer, which is insane. Now we know some plot details for the upcoming action RPG, and it’s a bit odd if we’re being honest.

According to the game’s official Twitter page, the story revolves around Kazer, whose family was seemingly killed by monsters. These monsters came along after a big war between two countries, so the timing isn’t ideal to say the least. Kazer will also have to team up with a monster named Arena and they start traveling together for vague reasons.

Details Needed

Thanks to the visuals and DMC-inspired gameplay, Lost Soul Aside instantly took the Internet by storm, which should be enough. However, the story doesn’t make much sense right now, though we only have this excerpt from Twitter to be fair. Perhaps the story will make more sense when the game nears release, but it’s just odd reading right now.

Perhaps the developer is going for a less is more approach, since the simpler story could lead to plenty of epic battles. Considering how gorgeous the game looks, fans won’t want to do anything else, but slash monsters to bits. Some will compare it to Final Fantasy 15, especially since Kazer looks like Noctis, but the game should be a fun one.

Changes Coming?

On the Lost Souls Aside Facebook page, the resemblance to Final Fantasy 15 was addressed and the team stated that the models will change overtime. While the idea comes from one person, the game’s popularity has now lead to a five-man team working on it, which still isn’t much. Even if the character designs change, the game’s visuals and combat could make it a standout title whenever it comes out.

Currently, the game has been confirmed as a temporary PS4 exclusive, so it could come to other gaming systems. As of this writing, there is no release date for the game just yet, so fans will have to be patient. It seems like the development cycle is going to take some time, so the brief story details we got could be changed.

Fans can follow Lost Souls Aside on social media, where the release date will eventually be shown. Don’t expect it anytime soon, though what we’ve seen thus far promises a cool experience.

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