Lost Soul Aside: New Gameplay Footage Shows Bosses And Air Combos

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Lost Soul Aside
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New footage for the Lost Soul Aside indie game has been released this May 8 on the Chinese video streaming site, Weibo. The video mostly contains a brief interview with the game’s creator but includes new gameplay footage as well. Here’s what we know about the newly shown Lost Soul Aside gameplay.

New Boss

As seen on PlayStation China’s recent May 8 video on Weibo, Lost Soul Aside’s creator had an interview that featured brief clips of his game as he talked. One of the bosses shown seems to use magic energies as his sword. The boss also drops larger stone swords to attack the main character. We’ve yet to know this boss’ role in the Lost Soul Aside story but it’s great to see progress.

Air Combos

Additionally, the interview also showed some footage of the main character doing air combos against enemies. Devil May Cry and Bayonetta fans would appreciate this system as players have an outlet to be stylish in finishing off their foes. Other than styling it up, air combos can also maximize damage output and minimize chances of getting hurt as you’re juggling enemies away from danger until they’re defeated.

Thanks from Yang Bing

Lost Soul Aside creator Yang Bing thanked the PlayStation China Hero Project and the fans that supported to him to continue developing this game. Bing states that he’ll continue working on the game to satisfy the fans. As seen from the footage, the game still mostly has fighting systems and barely a shred of an obvious story.

Like Final Fantasy 15

Before Square Enix’s flagship title, Final Fantasy 15, was released last 2016, Yang Bing’s Lost Soul Aside surfaced on Youtube and gained massive attention. Comparisons with Square Enix’s work were made due to both games having a playable character that fights foes with quick movement and swordplay. The visuals looked like it was made by an AAA video game developer despite being an indie game title. Bing’s game has a great potential if developed and executed well.

Release Date

Currently, no information about Lost Soul Aside’s release date is known. The game is part of the PlayStation China Hero Project which have just been announced last March. If the game attracts strong interest from English players, the game may also be released internationally. For now, fans will just have to wait for any official announcements from Sony to try out this game in some way.

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