Lost in translation? There’s a mini device that can help you relate to locals during your trip

No network needed, this mini translator works even without wifi

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When traveling to a foreign country, whether you are going on vacations or taking a business trip, communicating with the locals can be difficult. But, there is a handy and affordable gadget that can help you break the language barrier, the Timekettle Zero Portable Mini-Translator.

The Timekettle Zero Portable Mini-Translator is a portable translator that does not only supports 40 different languages with 93 accents but has also features of real-time translation. It is a device that can be used even without wifi and can provide a two-way translation.

When connected with the Timekettle App, you can download supported languages like Chinese, English, Spanish, French, Japanese, Russian and Korean, so you can use it even if there are no networks available.

The Timekettle Zero Portable Mini-Translator can work in three different comprehensive modes to help you find your way in different situations:

Meeting Mode

This device can record and separate the voices of up to 4 different speakers in meeting mode. It makes it easier for you to pay attention during the meeting and keep track of what is said afterward. You can even export the role-based text transcription and save or send it to colleagues via email!

Translation Mode

Speak slowly to the language translator device, and translation will be played instantly and displayed on the screen.

Interview Mode

Available for iOs devices, the translator will instantly record the interview, separate the voices of the interviewer and the interviewee, and transcribe it into text.

Timekettle ZERO Portable Mini-Translator 即插即用 附著式翻譯機

Timekettle ZERO Portable Mini-Translator 即插即用 附著式翻譯機

Technology has delivered what we could previously only imagine. But there are certain limitations, like internet-dependent devices, that may hinder you from exploring remote or unpopular areas. Timekettle Zero Mini Language Translator is not just advance in its capability to translate, but it can actually create meaningful conversations even without wireless connections, letting you overcome the language barrier in every country and every corner you want to visit.