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How To Lose Weight The Healthy Way With GoEvo

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How to lose weight with goevo

The route from flab to fab has raised many conversations for centuries. There are diet plans luring us in with sizeable weight loss claims – but do they really work? The hard truth is dieting fails to impact our health and our weight in the long-run. And it’s not the dieters who are to be blamed. The bug lies in our very dieting culture.

This is exactly where goEvo comes to the rescue –a new game-changing app that is set to redefine the route to weight loss by cutting out the regaining weight cycle. goEvo aims to launch the “NO DIET revolution.”

Why is it different from other weight loss apps and programs?

goEvo is far from your regular weight loss appor program. Unlike the typical bunch, it doesn’t stress calorie counting, strict workouts or crash diets.

Dieting doesn’t really help in effective weight loss. We force ourselves into drab foods, lose weight for the time being, think everything is perfect and then again go back to fatty, sugary stuff only to end up with more weight.  The entire cycle leaves us guilty and hopeless at the end of the day. But goEvo bunks the faulty dietary culture and focuses on rational tools that will help to lose the excess pounds and get fitter in a healthy and effective way in the long run, by addressing our psychological and emotional cues that are behind how, why and when we choose to eat.

“The maxim for effective weight loss lies in changing our perception about food & our bodies. This is how we are able to end the erroneous dieting cycle for better.The goEvoapp shows the way by tracking moods and emotional triggers that lead to unproductive eating patterns,” said Abigail Mohebbi who co-founded the app with her husband, Amin Mohebbi.

Abby has always been into extensive research about health, nutrition & psychology which helped her to discover the faults in traditional weight loss ideas. Being a conscious mom, she was determined to ensure a healthy start to life for her children- a life free from all the false notions about health and weight loss and thus goEvo was born.

“goEvo aims to help the users make smarter choices with food, exercise & wellbeing by refuting the conventional ineffective ideas. It’s also geared to enhance our confidence and knowledge to change our attitude for the better.”

The goEvo team has roped in a seasoned psychologist, 2 nutrition and fitness consultants and a wellbeing and martial arts consultant to ensure authentic advice and long-term results.

How does goEvo work?

Users download the app and register with their profile. There are some simple questions to answer, and you will get started with it in a matter of minutes. Log in to track your moods and cravings, and gain expert suggestions on mindful eating and controlling unwanted cravings with workable techniques. Most importantly, the app has attested to help with balanced yet tasty meal plans for a happy weight loss journey that you will never want to stop.

Amazing features

goEvo assures to help users with expert guidance from health, nutrition & fitness specialists anytime. It’s like your 24/7 personal assistant toguide with proper food to ensure a logical and enjoyable eating culture.  Users will also get help round the clock on overcoming binge-eating and emotional eating to prevent unwanted weight gain. The app will map the way to successfully deal with these tricky situations & build confidence to create a stunning profile.

Quick & yummy recipes

goEvo offers quick & palatable recipes for any meal- be it breakfast, easy healthy snacking or a balanced dinner. Unlike traditional weight loss apps or diet programs that impose a brutal regime, goEvo is more of a gentle yet results-driven guide. It slowly nudges you in the right direction for creating and cementing better overall habits.

Simple, quick yet effective exercises

The app has claimed to make weight loss easier with simple and quick exercise videos for every level. These include tutorials on soccer training, yoga, martial arts and boxing. You won’t need a gym or elaborate equipment.

goEvo will launch on the app store this fall. Visit and sign up to be notified about the launch of the goEvo app and automatically be registered to win – a Nutribullet blender and two great books: Mindfulness: A Practical Guide to Finding Peace in a Frantic World and Eating Well Made Easy.

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