Los Angeles Terror Threat: Mayor Garcetti Gets on Subway to Check

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Los Angeles Terror Threat
Los Angeles Terror Threat

The recent Los Angeles terror threat put the city on high Alert. However, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti told everyone not to panic and get on with their everyday lives. Strict security measures were enforced, and even he took the train to prove that it is safe.

The Phone Call Warning

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) received a warning from a supposed foreign government insider on Monday. The call was treated as legitimate because of its specificity. When and where the attack will be made seemed to have been thoroughly planned as well, per KTLA-5.

Dierdre Fike, the Assistant Director of FBI Los Angeles, did not want to divulge information as to what country the call was made. However, he described the caller as an English-speaking male. Even if the FBI refused to divulge further information, media sources claimed that the call might have been made from Australia. Afterwhich, the alert was made to various police station and terrorism task forces went on code red.

Mayor Assures People the Subway is Safe

Naturally, people are scared out of their wits to take the subway. To ease their fears, Mayor Eric Garcetti rode the train on the same day the bombing was scheduled. This is to prove to his constituents that everything is safe, security measures have been made, and that there’s nothing to be afraid of.

No Bomb Threat Evidence Found

Meanwhile, the Los Angeles Times reported that there have been no proof to support the alleged planned terrorist attack. Nevertheless, LAPD beefed up its K-9 units and bomb squads were scattered in entry points that were vulnerable to the railway. There is even a sign informing commuters that their bags would be thoroughly checked before they could use the Red Line subway system. These strict safety measures have been staged since Tuesday to ensure public safety.

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