Lorna Jane 60 Minutes Interview Might Have Shown Her Company Is Capable Of Fat-Shaming

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Lorna Jane Clarkson, the founder of popular Aussie activewear label Lorna Jane, might have given hint to allegations that she her company is capable of fat-shaming and bullying one of her staff during a recent interview with 60 minutes.

Lorna is ?currently fighting a $548,000 lawsuit against a former employee who claims she was ?fat shamed?, bullied and harassed by Lorna Jane staff.

According to News.Com.Au, On 60 Minutes last night, Clarkson tried to turn things around with a segment explaining how she and husband Bill Charkson have built the company into a multi-million dollar brand. The couple reportedly knocked back a recent $500 million offer to buy their business.

Clarkson opened up her kitchen to the Channel 9 cameras and made 60 Minutes reporter Ally Langdon a green smoothie. But viewers soon became distracted by Clarkson?s Tupperware-laden fridge.

The shelves were lined with labelled and dated containers, filled with ingredients such as rocket, spinach, kale, roasted eggplant, quinoa, smoked salmon and adauki beans. The shelf inside the fridge door was stocked with juices labelled ?beauty?, ?energy? and ?immune,? reported The Advetiser.

The view obviously pointed to the idea that Lorna Jane really puts premium to health, and perhaps, a svelte figure?

According to 9 News, when she was asked if there was bullying present within her company Ms Clarkson immediately shut the claims down.?Absolutely not and you know if there was I would put a stop to it, I would do the right thing.?

Ms Clarkson said during the interview she did not understand why she was being targeted.?I feel vulnerable,? she said, breaking down in tears.?I should be tougher than that, but this is who I am. I?m human.?

Her husband, Ms Robinson said she had been picked on because of her weight, and the alleged bullying triggered a ?mental disorder? and a ?major depressive episode?, as well as ?chronic adjustment disorder with anxiety and (depression)’.

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