Looking Out for Fallout 4: Release Date Announcement at Gamescon or Tokyo Gameshow

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Fallout 3 and Fallout 3: New Vegas were successes when they launched. A game where you are a lone protagonist trying to make it through a fallout-laden wilderness had become a big hit among gamers, and the game has since garnered a large following. Fan boys of all ages are swearing by the Fallout series and are eagerly awaiting a follow-up to the titles, which is revealed to be Fallout 4.

Moving on forward, these same fan boys were eagerly waiting for any sort of news regarding the brand-spanking new game they were eagerly waiting for. Sadly, there was nothing on the game during the Electronic Expo trade show, and so these same fan boys went home a little dejected from the lack of information.

As with any scenario involving a game developer failing to reveal any significant slice of information on the game, rumor mills went on double time. Speculations, gathered information and other details came out about the game. Whether they were true or false were left out of the discussion.

One of the possible venues where the game could launch pointed at an event in Germany, the Gamescon 2014. It is here that Bethesda could potentially reveal their plans for the game, or even the status of it. Another such event where the game is about to be revealed seems to be the Tokyo Game Show, another gaming event that is set to take place in Mihama-ku, Chiba prefecture, in Japan. The event is set to go on four days, running from September 18 to 21, and will open its doors to the public on the last two days.

The show will be setting up 1,600 booths that are set to house an estimated 220,000 participants.

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As for Fallout, it has taken quite some time for the game to be continued with a follow-up. While Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas has since enjoyed widespread success, gamers were still confident Bethesda could up the ante on the series. That same confidence has led to them clamoring for a game such as Fallout 4, which may feature a lot of upgrades and improvements from the last name in the series.

Fallout 3: New Vegas enjoyed rave reviews when it came out, both from critics and fans alike. One such critic even said that the game had a good mix of gaming elements that was expected of a game such as it. The combat system was equal, and your decisions during combat influenced the way the odds stacked against you; whether you got yourself out of trouble or had yourself hopelessly outmatched depended entirely on your actions.

Bethesda did release games for this year, however. These were the PC title The Elder Scrolls Online, which went available on the Mac and Windows, and for the consoles, they released Wolfenstein: The New Order. Other notable releases from the developer, aside from the much awaited Fallout 4, are The Evil Within, a port of The Elder Scrolls Online for consoles, Doom 4, Prey 2, and Battlecry.

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