Long-Term Post-launch Support To Destiny Players Guaranteed

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Bungie has made its promise: the community will be prepared completely to give its support to Destiny for?the long-run. In a statement, a representative of the community said that players who will stick with the game for a long time will be able to “still find lots of compelling stuff to do”.

There was some confusion on whether just a single area per planet will be accessible to players. In response to a NeoGAF thread, Eric Osborne, Bungie?s community and marketing manager gave reassurance to players, saying that, “Destiny’s pretty big. It’s the biggest game we’ve ever made, by far, and we’re sort of known for making games you can play for months, years, and even decades if you’re a little bit…dedicated.?

He continued on by writing, “With Destiny, we’re looking to exceed what we’ve done before, not just in terms of scale–the Moon is our smallest destination–but in terms of scope and breadth of activities. That’s true for day one, as you expect, but it also means we want Destiny to have super-long legs.”

One of the major steps that Bungie will implement on this attempt of giving players with more things to enjoy and be entertained with, is through the introduction of new content and activities after the initial launch has been done.

Osborne said that, “If we’re fortunate enough to have you playing months after launch, you ?will still find lots of compelling stuff to do.? He also claimed ?this: “That will manifest itself in a myriad of ways, from straight-up content to cool activities we’ve yet to show off.”

We are still not that sure if any part of the new and soon to be released content will be accessible without any additional fees. What is sure though is the fact that, as part of the price of $35 (for the season pass), new story missions will already be included.

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